There is nothing on earth more radiant than the simplicity and elegance of a perfectly cut diamond.

And that is exactly why we have spent more than a decade perfecting a setting that puts absolutely nothing between the eye of the admirer and the diamond itself.

The Floeting Diamond does just that. No claws or clasps. No enveloping metal. It is literally as if the diamond itself is suspended above the ring or the ear-stud or the pendant chain it might be floating on. Yet a combination of advanced crafting and metal technology means the diamond is held fast to its setting and is even more secure than settings that have not really changed in the last few hundred years.

This is not about a new way to cut a diamond yet with settings that allow more light to be reflected from every facet, it may well seem that way.

The Floeting Diamond launches in 2021 in a range of settings. Only by seeing it yourself with your own eyes and perhaps on your own hand, will you truly understand that in the very traditional world of diamond jewellery – nothing comes close.

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